P2P Secure Payment Service

buy or sell digital or physical
goods or services safely

How it works the
P2P Secure Payment Service

Create Account
Create a new account
or login with your exists
to use our service.
Deposit Funds
Fund your account to be able
to create a deal with
your partner.
Create a Deal
Create a deal and setup
deal terms which your partner
must comply to receive locked
in deal amount.
Wait your Partner
Wait until the deadline for
your partner to fulfill the terms
of the deal.
What next? If you are satisfied with the product or service provided by your partner, release the funds to it.
If you are not satisfied you can dispute the deal and our team will take a stand on the facts and messages provided in the deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of service is SecureDeals?

SecureDeals is a P2P Secure Payment service which allows deals between two people for a digital or physical product or service.

How are the funds in the deal protected?

When creating a deal, the funds must be available in the account of the party creating the deal. After successfully creating it, the amount entered in the deal is locked and he cannot use it until the transaction is completed or disputed.

Can I cancel a deal once it has been accepted by my partner?

You can cancel the deal only when after the deadline for fulfillment of the terms of the deal has expired. After the expiration date, a button to cancel it will be displayed.

Is there a fee?
Yes, there is a fee that is charged when creating a deal and it is not refundable. This fee is for the service we offer you through this platform, its support and its team.
Is my account secure?
Of course, our platform is built on a secure system, but as additional protection we have integrated Google Authenticator with which you can further protect it. An application code may be required not only when logging in with your account, but also when creating a deal or withdrawing funds from your account.
Are you ready? Few steps and your funds will be secured.

Need a additional help?

Email us to support@zendercode.com

If you are a registered Customer

Use our support tickets system to ask for help.
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